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Outdoor House Gridding Kit

Outdoor House Gridding Kit

This kit includes 4 jars with black tourmaline, rose quartz, clear quartz, selenite and a sage leaf inside. All of these stones work together to form a ‘shield of protection’ around your home. Simple bury one jar at each corner of your home. Read aloud or to yourself the blessing on the lid of each jar. Of course, you can say anything you’d like, we’re just trying to make it as easy as possible. And that’s it! Keep an open mind and feel the negative vibes scurry away and love rush in! 🥰

Selenite:Enhances energy of all crystals and cleanses them.
Helps to eliminate confusion and balances emotions
Dispels negative energy and removes energy blockages- excellent protection stone.

Rose Quartz: Common,y known as the ‘love’ stone. 
This crystal is all about the flow of love and nurturing. Helps to heal emotional wounds, calming & reassuring, stimulates imagination. 

Black Tourmaline: One of the most powerful stones to protect, absorb and shield from negative energy and thoughts from others.
Strong grounding stone providing emotion support and remaining centered. 

Quartz Crystal: Balances energy field and aligns human energy. Increases abundance and prosperity. Amplifies energy of other stones. Protects and clears energy on all levels. 

***"These statements have not been approved by the FDA. We, Blended Mamas, are not medical professionals. We are Wellness Advocates. We cannot treat or diagnose. We are not replacing a medical professional. All of these statements are for informational use only."

Keep out of reach of children and pets.****


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