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  • What kind of oils do you use?
    Megan and Katie met in 2015 at their local moms club. They connected because of their passion for holistic living and they both love Jesus but they cuss a little. ;) They wanted a way to blend the highest quality oils, affordably. And so Blended Mamas begun.
  • Are the roller blends safe for my kids?
    Unless you select a ‘Kids’ blend, our rollers are diluted for young teens and adults. Young children and elderly with sensitive skin would need a customized diluted blend. You can order that by either selecting custom blend or email us directly to place your order.
  • Can I use your blends on my baby?
    For children under 2 we strongly suggest emailing us for custom blends. There are varying opinions on using essential oils on babies but when used correctly (sparingly and with caution) We believe them to be a great alternative to over-the-counter medications.
  • Can you get a different size bracelets?
    Yes! Our bracelets in stock are the standard 7in. If a different size is needed or even different length in necklace, place your order by emailing us directly. Pricing may vary and shipping will take longer since it will be a custom-made item.
  • What if the product dosen't work?
    When used correctly, essential oils can be very effective to help lessen the severity of your ailments naturally. However, results may vary depending on the severity of the ailment and other lifestyle or health factors. Headaches for example, there are many reasons you may have a headache: dehydration, caffeine, sinus and tension just to name a few.
  • General
    If you have any reservations about using our products, please discuss it with your doctor before using. While we are very knowledgeable about our products, we aren't doctors (see disclaimer) If you are ever unsatisfied with your blend please email us and will work together to find a happy resolution.
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