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Bubble Up

Bubble Up


Jenny has done it again! Introducing our newest (and probably favorite) bracelet!

Do you pick up easily on others emotions? Does being around people drain you? Feel like energy ‘sticks’ to you?

The Bubble Up Bracelet will help protect your aura and energy! Cute name, serious business! 😉

Black Tourmaline: will assist in grounding, and easing stress/tension. It will also help to shield you from negative energy from others and remove it from you by helping with the ‘victim’ mentality, anxiety, and embarrassment.

Hematite: will protect your aura from negative energy and also dissolve it from you. Harmonizing the mind, body & spirit to stay grounded.

Prehnite: is. Crystal to heal the healer! Your aura field will be sealed with a protective shield of divine energy. This stone can help calm any environment.

Kunzite: is a high vibration stone that will awaken the heart center. While shielding the aura from unwanted entities, this stone will provide so much love to yourself and others.

Lepidolite: will encourage you to stand independently from others, in your own space. Lepidolite insists on being used only for the highest good and will help heal your emotional dependencies from within your protective ‘bubble’.

Locally handmade by Jenny Murphy with hand stamped charms added by Megan.

These are a standard 7 inch in length but we are able to customize.

Please specify in your order notes if you have preference of design and color of wood beads.

Add your favorite essential oils to the wood beads for all day enjoyment.

Personalized initial charms can be added for an additional $2. Leave in notes and you will be invoiced separately.