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The Throne In Heaven

The Throne In Heaven


The Throne in Heaven

Revelation 4:3-6

Jasper and Carnelian represent the appearance of the one who sits upon the throne. Emerald is the appearance of the rainbow around the throne. The 24 wooden beads represent the 24 thrones circling the main throne with the elders sitting upon them. The white/light color of the wood beads represents the white garments worn by the elders. The gold spacers represent the crown upon their heads. Lastly, the clear quartz represents the floor before the throne with the appearance of a sea of glass.

These beautiful, unique to Blended Mamas aromatherapy diffuser bracelets are sure to set your style apart!

Locally handmade by Jenny Murphy with hand stamped charms added by Megan.

These are a standard 7 inch in length but we are able to customize.

Please specify in your order notes if you have preference of design and color of wood beads.

Add your favorite essential oils to the wood beads for all day enjoyment.

Personalized initial charms can be added for an additional $2. Leave in notes and you will be invoiced separately.