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Our aromatherapy gemstone necklaces have a unique design. We placed the lava beads to land on the collar bone making them visible and also off of most shirt collars. Add oils to your lava beads by using our roller blends or directly from your essential oil bottle. Our standard length is 18 inches. Custom lengths are available but will take additional shipping time and charges. Each necklace has a beautiful gemstone pendant, which just like our bracelets, has specific healing/spiritual properties. The chain is silver filled, so it’s easy to polish and excellent quality. 

We love pairing our necklaces and bracelets. Sometimes we match them and other times we focus on the gemstone’s qualities we may need that day.

***"These statements have not been approved by the FDA. We, Blended Mamas, are not medical professionals. We are Wellness Advocates. We cannot treat or diagnose. We are not replacing a medical professional. All of these statements are for informational use only."

Keep out of reach of children and pets.****


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